Crux & Freund

Crux and Freund: An Architectural Resource

Freund Custom Furnishings has partnered with Randy Crook an accomplished Church Designer who has immersed himself in the study of Liturgical design. A graduate of the University of Kansas in the study of architecture, he combines beauty and harmony in his designs to enhance the liturgy. This alliance we have formed uses the industry’s up-to-date computer-aided design (CAD) equipment to assist you and your design professional with seating layout and design assistance.

  • Layout of worship space for maximum seating capacity
  • Interpreting IBC (International Building Codes)
  • Evaluating seating comparisons; seating capacity and budgetary cost
  • Assistance in creating furniture designs that complement the interior design
  • Design recommendations using unique symbolism in design of bench ends or furniture
  • Determining adequate seat spacing for egress
  • Review Handicap requirements
  • Assess resources and limitations – current facilities, land, municipal zoning, building code impacts, financial position, and congregational readiness

As a liturgical consultant from the earliest stages of design we provide you with an individualized CAD drawing of your layout or individual artwork in its intended setting to determine proportions and style accurately in creating an overall cohesive environment. This approach offers hands-on experience with liturgical artwork, in various mediums, canon law and the general guidelines of the Bishops council for new/renovating churches. The alliance is a collaboration of continuous study focused on the liturgical principles and their historical reference for implementation in this post Vatican II era. This proclivity of personal enlightenment is an educational journey supported by The Catholic Artist Society, the Institute for Catholic Culture, and The Kansas Preservation Society. We have engaged in the course of “Liturgiam Artibus Architectura” presented by Fr. Daniel McCarthy, OSB who studied at the Pontifical Institute of Liturgy in Rome, and “Art in the Catholic Church” presented by James Bidding of The Newman University. Recently, we had the opportunity to journey to Rome and study the ancient basilicas and cathedrals as part of a weeklong Vatican City tour.