Restoration and Decorative Paint

Decorative Paint and Restoration is a duty that requires grace and humility. Thoughtful examination should be considered toward every treatment of this special place. This obligation built on integrity includes a thorough assessment of the existing condition and a realistic determination of the final expectation. In some cases, the restoration of a piece that has been neglected or reduced by a previous hand may have made the process to be cost prohibitive.

This work requires not only experience and patience but skill and creativity that innovate materials and the processes of today. A commitment to the restoration, or improvement begins with proper surface preparation. Ever changing paint and finish formulations are only effective within the parameters of their intended use.

It is by these principles the past finds its space here reshaping the life and color to works of every material and age. I look forward to working with you to improve and refine this important piece of your community.

Statue of St. John
This statue of St. John was completely restored and repainted in the classic color depiction representative of this beloved evangelist.
Adoration Chapel Altar
This Altar in repose was completely restored, repairing the plaster cracks of years of neglect and abuse. It was then sealed painted and gilded with gold to be used for this adoration chapel.
The reredos was purchased off of the internet and shipped causing extensive damage to the already dilapidated state. The structure was rebuilt along with the mechanism for the tabernacle. The outside completely body worked and painted, then reassembled on site.
Restored Reredos
This reredos was completely restored and repainted from the light pink and shamrock green details of the early 70's to a more appropriate color scheme.
St. Catherine Sienna statue and St. Leo statues
The St. Catherine Sienna statue was a complete restoration and the St. Leo required a vestment color change and skin tone adjustment as a result of its previous renovation.
Altar of Sacrifice
This Altar of Sacrifice was completely restored and the structure enhanced to support its failing plaster. The back side top crown ledge and lower base were added as it was originally designed for pre Vatican II liturgy.
Statue of Jesus
This piece was found on the internet and was in very poor condition. The entire piece was restored. My work did not include the statue.
Restored Pedestal
Another pedestal from the internet that was completely restored.
Small corbel with the Infant of Prague statue.
This small corbel was reconstructed and installed to this location for the infant of Prague statue.
restored reredo
This photo shows the reredos in the back that was completely rebuilt. The tabernacle placed on it was too heavy for its original wood structure. Also the tabernacle was redesigned to fit the architecture of the overall piece. The new altar that was designed and built to match.
Side altar
This side altar was completely restored. See in the foreground the ambo that was designed and built to match existing furnishings.
side altar and pedestal for the Sacred Heart Statue
This side altar and pedestal for the Sacred Heart statue were completely restored and repainted.
Historic 1904 Reredos
The top of the reredos was lost to time until the 1904 photo that gave light to the recreation of the top two pieces of this historic piece.
Plaster reredos
This plaster reredos was repainted 40 years prior to this recent work that included gold details and a completely restored and recovery of the baldaccino.
Detailed corbels
The details matter to this historic church that asked me to detail the corbels that were not included in the work done by their local painter.