Our Process

The first step involves a discussion with contemplatives in the parish community to discern the physical needs of the Church that appropriately express the narrative of the ritual model. This initial design consultation examines basic elements (Altar of Sacrifice, Presider’s Chair, Ambo) and their relationship to better understand the role and significance these sacred furniture pieces represent.

Photos, measurements and the development of ideas generated are used to create drawings to meet the requirements specified. These drawings are then presented in a second discussion where design criteria and any additional details are explored to reach the final proposal. The proposal details the materials used (ie wood species, stone variety, or type of finish) with the price of each. Separately outlined is the labor required for each item respectively. The design notes, final drawing, and completion schedule are included with the terms of the price detail for your review.

In the preface of the document “Built of Living Stones” issued in 2000 by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is stated: § 1 § One of the most significant and formative experiences in the life of a parish community is the process of building or renovating a church. As part of that process, parish members are called upon to study the Church’s teaching and liturgical theology and to reflect upon their personal pieties, their individual tastes, and the parish history. By bringing together these personal and ecclesial elements in faith and in charity, parishioners help to build a new structure and to renew their parish community.

Furthermore, in Chapter one, The Living Church, under Liturgical Principles for Building or Renovating Churches as stated in section 5, “The church building should be beautiful.”

"To him who does what in him lies, God's grace will not be wanting."

Concept To Reality