Liturgical Furnishing.

Thank you for your interest in Freund Custom Furnishings. It is my honor to design/build and provide liturgical furnishings for the Church. The noble tradition of creating purposeful design with the intent to foster the Faith and Piety of the faithful, is a yoke that is easy and the burden light.

Faith of our Fathers living still in the persons of my profession, have artfully expressed the transcendence of the Liturgy of the Word and Eucharist. This old-world artistry has been a source of inspiration that compliments the greater design of the Church. In harmony, every detail of the Liturgy is discerned by the support of design, development and preservation this most sacred space of worship.


As a 4th generation immigrant from Germany, I have always been a person that enjoys making things with my hands. In my youth, I spent many hours with my father in his woodshop learning how to develop ideas into reality. With the development of my skills, I soon began to focus on improving the details of my work. At a very early age I learned that if you want to build something beautiful, you must have inspiration. Since then, I have continued to practice on furniture building and I believe practicing my Catholic faith throughout my life has instilled the inspiration.

Out of high school I first worked at a machine shop in which I learned to run a variety of machines including welding and metallurgical techniques and processes. I started college at Wichita State University and soon after landed a part time job at a company that builds amusement rides. I had the unique experience to be in a different department each semester. I started in the wood shop, and then spent time in each of the following areas: molds- urethanes, injection, vacuum form, fiberglass assembly, plastic paint, wood finishing, final assembly, fiberglass layup, carrousel horse body work and finally artistic paint. I am very grateful for the opportunity I had to work with these many talented people. When I was reaching the end of my college program, I was moved to the sales department.

This next journey in my life took me around the world. I worked with designers and architects including Paramount, Disney, 6 Flags, Samsung, Kawasho and many others to develop and realize a variety of theming creations. During my travels, I had the opportunity to visit many architectural and artistic icons all around the globe. Although my work was centered at theme parks and resort areas, I always found time to search out the museums, art galleries, cathedrals, temples and basilica’s. My appreciation for history and the study of culture was expanded during this time. I was always fascinated to look at a specific piece of architecture or a building or structure and contemplate the human effort that was put forth in its creation. I always carried a sketch pad and a camera with me to study and reflect on what I had seen and learned. As exciting as this was, after 3 passports and a million plus frequent flyer miles, I was ready to be home. Then, 911 happened and my wife was home with my six month old son and my year and a half old daughter while I was in Beijing, China. As I mourned for my country, this made me realize that my priorities should be centered at home with my family. It was time to work close to home, raise my family and travel less.

I began building furniture for individuals. I enjoyed the freedom of making my own schedule, and I loved to WOW people with creating a personal piece that was special and one of a kind. After a few years of custom furniture, I was approached by an architect, Randy Crook, whom I had built custom furniture for in the past. He requested me to build some pieces for his church. Before these pieces were complete I was approached by a friend who was a priest about building a replacement piece for his parish church. Since these first two church projects, it has been non-stop working from one beautification of a church to the next. Randy Crook has continued to work with me on many church projects. Last year, we traveled to Rome together and continue to study our shared passion for the Liturgical Art and Architecture of the Catholic Church.

As my business has grown, so has my journey in the catholic faith. My study of art and architecture and my love for building, has positioned me to appreciate and develop my works for the church in a very unique way. I have built my business around the architectural significance revealed in the many beautiful Catholic Churches I have been privileged to work with. Most importantly, this profession I have created has instilled a great purpose in me to work for the praise and glory of God. All of this would not be possible without my loving wife of 21 years and the blessings of our two wonderful children who have been the cornerstone of my life and the unwavering support for the maturity of my business.

Very Special Thanks to my dearest and supporting wife Sherri.

Located 30 minutes west of Wichita, Freund Custom Furnishings specializes in custom designed liturgical furnishings. Our handcrafted furnishings are built to your specifications, with various styles and finishes to create harmony within the space of worship. Whether you’re looking to build a new Church, restore an old Church, or just renovate an existing one, I will personally work with you or your fellow parishioners to accomplish your vision.

I am happy to work with you to develop the custom furnishings that are specific to the traditions and architectural features of the church. Please take a minute to see previous pieces that I have developed in the Products Gallery page. Then give me a call, and we can put together some ideas to develop a custom piece to meet your specific needs.

The best way to contact me is by phone (316) 833-1256 or email

Our Process

The first step involves a discussion with contemplatives in the parish community to discern the physical needs of the Church that appropriately express the narrative of the ritual model. This initial design consultation examines basic elements (Altar of Sacrifice, Presider’s Chair, Ambo) and their relationship to better understand the role and significance these sacred furniture pieces represent.

Photos, measurements and the development of ideas generated are used to create drawings to meet the requirements specified. These drawings are then presented in a second discussion where design criteria and any additional details are explored to reach the final proposal. The proposal details the materials used (ie wood species, stone variety, or type of finish) with the price of each. Separately outlined is the labor required for each item respectively. The design notes, final drawing, and completion schedule are included with the terms of the price detail for your review.

In the preface of the document “Built of Living Stones” issued in 2000 by the United States Conference of Catholic Bish-ops is stated: § 1 § One of the most significant and formative experiences in the life of a parish community is the process of building or renovating a church. As part of that process, parish members are called upon to study the Church’s teaching and liturgical theology and to reflect upon their personal pieties, their individual tastes, and the parish history. By bringing together these personal and ecclesial elements in faith and in charity, parishioners help to build a new structure and to renew their parish community.

Furthermore, in Chapter one, The Living Church, under Liturgical Principles for Building or Renovating Churches as stated in section 5, “The church building should be beautiful.”

"To him who does what in him lies, God's grace will not be wanting."

At Freund Custom Furnishings I work with the Priest, the parishioners, building contractors, designers and architects. However, this work is for a Higher purpose. The basis of this work is to develop a meaningful identity of the parish community and its liturgical connection to the church worldwide. I am grateful for your kind support and look forward to working with you.

Concept To Reality


Church Furnishings

Altars, Presider Chairs, Offertory Tables, Credence Tables, Book cases, Ambos, Stations of the Cross, Prie-Dieus, Rere-dos, Baptismal Fonts, Pews, Pulpits, Baldachins, Ciboriums, Wall Niches, Pedestals and Crosses, and Sculpture.

Restoration and Decorative Paint

Decorative Paint and Restoration is a duty that requires grace and humility. Thoughtful examination should be consid-ered toward every treatment of this special place. This obligation built on integrity includes a thorough assessment of the existing condition and a realistic determination of the final expectation. In some cases, the restoration of a piece that has been neglected or reduced by a previous hand may have made the process to be cost prohibitive.

This work requires not only experience and patience but skill and creativity that innovate materials and the processes of today. A commitment to the restoration, or improvement begins with proper surface preparation. Ever changing paint and finish formulations are only effective within the parameters of their intended use.

It is by these principles the past finds its space here reshaping the life and color to works of every material and age. I look forward to working with you to improve and refine this important piece of your community.

Italia Sculpture

It is my privilege to offer the following collection of sacred liturgical furnishings from the talented craftsmen of Rome Italy. The goal of this partnership is to provide old world family traditions of sculpture, and liturgical furnishings of various sorts that adorn the great basilicas and cathedrals of Western Europe to the United States.

From the design to the creation of new ecclesial works with special attention to art in bronze sculpture, we are ready to respond to the most singular demands with a team of professionals who have grown up in the industry for years. Cre-ativity and innovation, born from the old passion and merging with new techniques and technologies, making the most of the different artistic expressions. Artisans, artists and buyers walk together along the various phases of the work, in con-tinuous collaboration, to the full satisfaction of both.

These classic works of art are supplied without risk and secured by a Letter of Credit drawn against at FOB shipment. This service includes contract administration, inspection of the products, packing, shipping, import documentation for a turn- key process of inland freight, delivery, unpacking and on-site installation.

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