Thank you for your interest in Freund Custom Furnishings. It is my honor to design /build and provide liturgical furnishings for the Church. The noble tradition of creating purposeful design with the intent to foster the Faith and Piety of the faithful, is a yoke that is easy and the burden light.

Faith of our Fathers living still in the persons of my profession, have artfully expressed the transcendence of the Liturgy of the Word and Eucharist. This old-world artistry has been a source of inspiration that compliments the greater design of the Church. In harmony, every detail of the Liturgy is discerned by the support of design, development and preservation this most sacred space of worship.

At Freund Custom Furnishings I work with the Priest, the parishioners, building contractors, designers and architects. However, this work is for a Higher purpose. The basis of this work is to develop a meaningful identity of the parish community and its liturgical connection to the church worldwide. I am grateful for your kind support and look forward to working with you.

Catholic Diocese of Wichita Showcases Freund Furniture (September 2017)

The St. Rose Church recently commissioned Karl Freund to build a new altar of sacrifice with matching side altars. Karl created the new pieces to match the existing 100-year-old reredos,which was also restored,  to return the church to its original furnishings. 

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Letter of Recommendation from Bishop Kemme

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